Nigel Denton-Howes, Visual Effects Supervisor

With over 20 years of experience, Nigel provides preproduction, production and postproduction supervision services.

Preproduction And Shoot

Confident On Set Supervision

With deep experience working with filmmakers during pre production and shoot, Nigel brings confident, calm creative problem solving to the production floor.  Working in close partnership with other departments and making critical on the spot decisions under pressure are all part of a normal day.

Post Production

Taking VFX from Shoot to Final

Getting the best out of each VFX vendor is critical when delivering high end visual effects. Nigel's understanding of the full production process across multiple vendors helps ensure everyone is delivering their best for your project, on time.

Breakdown And Bidding

 Determine Your Budget and Scope

Taking the guesswork out of your visual effects budget is critical to successful delivery.  Not only has Nigel broken down and budgeted hundreds of scripts, but his diverse experience with methodologies can make the critical difference to your bottom line.

Art Direction and Concepts

Bringing an Idea to Life

Not every description in your script can be easily visualised. Nigel's long experience in conceptualising visual effects can help you answer many of your creative questions before, during or after shoot.